Together with engineers from Lufthansa Technik AG, hs2 engineering has developed, qualified and produced a dishwasher specially designed for use on board passenger aircraft.  The professional-quality unit featuring complex safety mechanisms is in series production now and can wash a load of dishes in only six minutes with three liters of water. The unit can be installed and connected in standard aircraft galleys, requiring only a very low water consumption. 


Baskets that fit in any standardized galley can be used for placement of dishes and silverware in the "DishwashAir", which can easily be attached to the available connections for fresh and waste water or vacuum systems in an aircraft. A single fill-up of the two required cleaning agents is enough for up to 40 wash cycles.


The dishwasher is mentioned on our hs2-Capability List and can be delivered with Form1. 

For detailed unit information, ordering and customer support please contact us.  

Inductive Cooking Platform

An all-in-one Inductive Cooking Platform with integrated Fume Hood and InductiveApps. The platform can house a variety of applications (InductiveApps) for different types of food preparation: pan, toaster and the so called MultiPurposeCooker for temperature controlled Rice Cooking, Steaming, Boiling and Sous Vide reheating. In addition, the Inductive Cooktop offers up to 30% weight savings and 50% increase of performance compared to solutions available today.

The unit contains all safety features to enable usage in an airplane.  For simple installation and to ensure simple retrofit the unit was designed according to ARINC 810 Size 4. 

Standard solutions will be available as well as customized combinations such as Wok, Multi Burner Cooktops, Worktop Integrated Variants ...